5 Things to Know About Guy Fawkes Day - Remember Remember the 5th of November


Remember Remember the 5th of NovemberNot many in the United States celebrate November 5th – Guy Fawkes Day. But there are a handful, but  91% of them are die-hard V is for Vendetta fans. The rest of us probably go through the day just thinking it’s the day of the November 4th and the day before November 6th.  But in the United Kingdom it’s a holiday that oddly celebrated the worst traitor in England’s history. Remember Remember the 5th of November…so what is November 5th and who is this Guy Fawkes? Here are 5 thing to know.

• Back in 1605, Guy Fawkes planned, but failed to blow up the Parliament Building in the famed Gunpowder Plot.

•  Guy Fawkes was part of group of Catholics whose goal it was to assassinate the Protestant king of England.

• On each November 5th, the Birth celebrate the day that Guy Fawkes was captured and the plot to kill the king stopped in it’s tracks.

•  The day now has a odd dual meaning. Some, thanks mostly in part to the Alan Moore graphic novel and the blockbuster film V is for Vendetta see Guy Fawkes not as a traitor but as the underdog, a folk hero to those who have anti-authority leanings, a fellow standing up against “the man.”

•  How is November 5th celebrated? His effigy is burned on a big bonfire, candles are lit and there is often a great big fireworks display.

But the question is, how do the Brits explain the holiday to the kids? It’s odd that a “traitor” is celebrated. It would make more sense and be less confusing if it was called  “Don’t Mess with the King Day” or something like that.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a 5th November poem from V is for  Vendetta.

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