5 Things to Know About Penny Lancaster


With a second pregnancy on the way for Penny Lancaster and superstar husband Rod Stewart, we dove into five things you must know about the mother-to-be:

1. Penny Lancaster is best known for her modeling work for designer lingerie brand Ultimo.

2. Lancaster and her rocker hubby, Rod Stewart dated for seven years before becoming engaged.  Rod waited long enough to make sure he “did it right this time.”

3. Penny was one of fourteen celebrities taking part in Strictly Come Dancing Season 5 (UK’s version of Dancing With the Stars.)  She was eliminated in week 6.

4.  Penny met Stewart while being hired as a photographer for his tour in 1998.  He had just recently separated from his wife, Rachel Hunter.

5. Penny is heading a line of hair removal products called, “Hot Legs,” Stewart’s nickname for her.