5 Things You Wish You Knew About Ricki Lake


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Ricki Lake Was A Guest On Oprah

Ricki Lake made a triumphant return to television today on The Oprah Winfrey Show where past TV talk show titans were honored. And in that honor, I took it upon myself to draw up five things you didn’t know about the one-time talk show queen. Here it goes:

1. She earned a college degree. She attended Ithaca College and the Professional Children’s School.

2. Her middle name is Pamela.

3. Ricki Lake was originally cast in the TV show The Middle, before Patricia Heaton replaced her.

4. Lake signed for an additional four years when her show ended in 2004. Those four years went out the door.

5. Lake escaped a fire to her Malibu rented home this past September. Her family all got out okay!

I would have loved Lake as the lead role in The Middle. ABC made a bad move replacing her with Patricia Heaton. It’s now too much of the same and too similar to Everybody Loves Raymond. A fresh face would have solved that problem.

What’s your best memory of Ricky Lake?