5 Things To Know About Steve Nash - The Man Who Left His Wife 1 Day After Son Was Born

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Steve Nash Files For Divorce One Day After 3rd Child Is Born

Is Steve Nash following in Charlie Sheen’s footsteps? The Phoenix Suns player filed for divorce from his wife, Alejandra, one day after their son was born! Similarly, Sheen was so crazy that then wife Denise Richards left him mid pregnancy.

Here are five things to know about the amazing father, Steve Nash:

1. As a senior at Santa Clara, Steve shared an apartment with four friends. They called their pad the “Fireplace.” One of his roommates was Randy Winn, an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners.

2. One of Steve’s biggest fans is recording artist Bruce Hornsby. The singer started rooting for the Suns after Phoenix acquired the point guard before the 2004-05 season. Hornsby’s son idolizes Steve, and the three have been friendly since they met a few years earlier.

3. Steve and Alejandra Amarilla had twin girls in October of 2004.

4. Prior to the 2000 Olympics, Steve handed Canadian coach Gus Triano $25,000 and told him to distribute the money evenly among his teammates to cover travel expenses.

5. Steve was the subject of the 1996 book, Long Shot: Steve Nash’s Journey to the NBA, by Jeff Rudd.

Number 4 doesn’t make Nash look all that bad, but eventually we will learn the full story of why he decided to divorce his wife just one day after giving birth. Perhaps there is a third party involved. What do you think?

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