5 Things We Can Learn From the Photos of Tom Cruise with Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise with Suri

Tom Cruise has sailed back into Suri‘s life. And he didn’t come alone, he also brought with him the media circus that has been following the family since Katie Holmes dropped the big divorce bomb.

Tom has been absent physically from Suri’s day-to-day life (although they were speaking several times a day) while he was away shooting a movie. But now, since shooting has wrapped, Tom is back in town with Suri back in his arms.

The duo was photographed in New York City and there are several notable things about the pictures...


  • The Photographers 1 of 5
    The Photographers
    Of course where there is a Suri, there is paparazzi, and this wall of cameras just proved the longevity of kid's star power.
  • Playing the Media 2 of 5
    Playing the Media
    One wonders if Tom Cruise is going to play the media in the same way that Katie has.
  • The Grin 3 of 5
    The Grin
    Tom, just like Katie, gives a grin while out with Suri.
  • No Ring 4 of 5
    No Ring
    Tom isn't wearing a ring, so he's not one of those exes who is holding onto hope of a reconciliation.
  • Suri 5 of 5
    And Suri, she is holding tight to her dad, as she struggles in the spotlight.


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