5 Things We Learned About Baby Blue Ivy Carter From Beyonce & Jay Z's Tumblr Pics! (Photos)

What Have We Learned About Baby Blue Ivy Carter?

As you probably already know, Beyonce and Jay-Z have finally released images of their new creation, their uber-cute daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

The couple opted to release the photos via a Tumblr account rather than the usual ‘sell for a gazillion dollars to some magazine’ route that most celebrities go down.

The photos are striking, not just in their adorable nature but that they seem like real private moments that Beyonce and Jay-Z felt okay to share with the world. They didn’t feel staged or posed (although Beyonce’s hair does look pretty amazing for just lounging around burping a baby).

Besides learning that baby Blue Ivy is a really cute baby, we learned several other things.

Check out these 5 Things We Learned About Baby Blue Ivy From Beyonce and Jay Z’s Tumblr Account right here:

  • She Looks More Like Beyonce 1 of 5
    She Looks More Like Beyonce
    Baby Blue looks alot more like Beyonce than Jay-Z. But there is something about her that has a Jay-Z vibe.
  • She’s Gonna Be A Daddy’s Girl 2 of 5
    She's Gonna Be A Daddy's Girl
    Jay-Z already said baby Blue Ivy will be a daddy's girl, and looking at this photo, you can tell it's true.
  • She Already Performing 3 of 5
    She Already Performing
    In in this photo, it totally looks like she busting a rhyme. She got the flow going! You know performing will totally be in her blood.
  • She’s Gonna Be Creative 4 of 5
    She's Gonna Be Creative
    With parents like Jay-Z and Beyonce, she's bound to be uber-creative. And with hands like that, she looks destined to make something pretty cool.
  • She’s Got a Really Nice Blankie 5 of 5
    She's Got a Really Nice Blankie
    She'd not just wrapped up with mommy and daddy's love, but she she's wrapped up in a Muslin Swaddling Blanket by the celebrity favorite Little Giraffe.

Photos: Tumblr

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