Ophiuchus: 5 Things You MUST Know About the New Zodiac Sign


Widespread panic has spread through the land. People have come to question what their true nature is, the traits of their loved ones, spouses and children. Why? Because the astrology signs have been shuffled around in order to accommodate a new-fangled astrological sign Ophiuchus. Here is what you need to know about the zodiac change 5 things about ophiuchus, ophiuchus traits and ophiuchus characteristics.

• So where is Ophiuchus?  For those at home with a telescope you can find is “located between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, northwest of the center of the Milky Way. The southern part lies between Scorpius to the west and Sagittarius to the east.”

• Previously, astrologers would “divide the ecliptic into abstract 30-degree segments (implying exactly 12 signs) rather than using the physical constellations.”

• But there are a handful of astrologers who would include Ophiuchus, and those were the ones using a sidereal zodiac which would use it as the 13th zodiacal sign. But now many more astrologers may embrace the new zodiac spread.

• So what does the constellation depict? “Ophiuchus is depicted as a man grasping a serpent; the interposition of his body divides the snake constellation Serpens into two parts, Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda, which are nonetheless counted as one constellation.”

• What do the traits of the Ophiuchus include? They woul make a great architect, the number 12 is a lucky number for them, they seek wisdom and knowledge, many