5 Things You Should Know About Lisa Murkowski


A female Alaskan politician is making the news this morning, and her name isn’t Sarah Palin. Rather, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski is the headliner. Today was Alaska’s primary Senate election, and early numbers show that Murkowski has lost the ridiculously close election to Joe Miller (absentee ballots hadn’t been counted at press time). Many people are speculating about the extremely tight race, which Murkowski was expected to win heavily. She was being touted as the “next Sarah Palin,” even though Palin lent her support to Miller (a Republican with Tea Party leanings), and now, it seems, that could all be coming to an end.

Since you’re going to be hearing her name often within the next week, here are 5 things you should know about Lisa Murkowski (and why she’s probably not the next Sarah Palin):

1) She’s a “moderate” Republican. Murkowski, who is Roman Catholic, is towards the middle of the spectrum when it comes to politics. While her platforms are based in Republican ideals, she is pro-choice and supports stem-cell research, two hugely liberal leanings.

2) You don’t hear much about her family. Her husband did some light campaigning on her behalf, however, you don’t hear much from her sons (a far cry from People magazine covers and elaborate public relationship issues).

3) She refused to play dirty. In the recent election, Murkowski did not run any negative ads regarding Joe Miller, despite a few opportunities to take swipes at him. (he wants to get rid of the US Department of Education)

4) Being in politics runs in the family. Her father, Frank Murkowski, was not only an Alaskan Senator for over two decades, but was also Governor of Alaska from 2002-2006, when Sarah Palin took over.

5) She’s the only female Senator from Alaska. Ever. Murkowski is the only woman ever to be elected to Congress in Alaska. How’s that for a little girl power?

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