5 Top Ten Lists Perfect for Justin Bieber! The Bieb To Do Dave, Letterman That Is


justin Bieber

Just one Justin Bieber appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman apparently isn’t enough. The 16-year-old pop sensation with visit Dave not once but twice next weeks. Once on Monday  Jan. 31st and again on Friday Feb. 4th, the young heart throb is making the rounds to promote his upcoming documentary Never Say Never.

On Monday Justin Bieber will sit down for an interview and on Friday he will have the honor of presenting David Letterman’s legendary Top Ten list. So what will the Bieb be listing off? We have five guesses! Check them out here:

Top Ten reasons why he has six million Twitter followers.

Top Ten names for his haircut.

Top Ten things he’ll will Never Say Never too

Top Ten things he’ll could be when he grows up

Top Ten reasons why him and Selena haven’t come out already!

Feel free to add yours. What do you think Dave will have him recite?