5 Totally Rad Sesame Street Mash-Ups! Hilarious! (Video)



Sesame Street Mash Up Magic

Sesame Street is beloved. It’s been a fixture on TV sets for generations. The characters like Elmo, Big Bird and Burt & Ernie are cute, cuddly, and oh so sweet. So when one takes their images and juxtaposes them in a way that you’re not accustomed to, well the results can be jarring, surprising and also hilarious!

A collection of clever pop culture aficionados have purely for fun created mash ups of Sesame Street segments with edgier more intense music think Lady Gaga, Beastie Boys and Slayer. Yeah, Sesame Street goes metal, hip-hop and totally pop.

Check out 5 of the raddest, wackiest and wildest Sesame Street mash-ups here.

(Warning! There is some adult language so this is for the adults not the kids…)


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