5 Ways Celebrity Moms Lost the Baby Weight — Steal These Tips... Cheaper!


Does the sight of a celebrity mom looking fit and trim right after having a baby make you completely green with envy? Heidi, Halle, Ashlee, Jessica, Gisele and JLo are all women whose miraculous baby weight lose has stunned those of us who lead more normal non-star lives. Lucky for them, they have a staff of people working on their body and getting it back in pre-baby shape. And lucky for you we have ways to do what they do, but just way way cheaper. Check out these 5 baby weight lose hints Hollywood style, how they do it and how you can too.

1. Meal Service: Home Chef or expensive program vs. cheaper food program

Some celebrities may have a personal chef on the payroll, but many star moms rely on meal delivery services. Not only does the food come portioned out for optimal dietary and caloric intake, but also it’s ultra convenient for busy new moms. Sarah Michelle Prinze, Ricki Lake, Jennifer Lopez, Busy Philipps, Constance Zimmer and Debi Mazar (who lost 80 lbs on the plan) all signed up with Freshology. Their FreshMommy program was specifically designed for new and nursing moms. The FreshMommy plan is only available in Los Angeles and has the hefty price tag at $52.95 a day (about $1600 a month). But they do have a national program – GetSlim – which is shipped via FedEx anywhere for $42.95 per day (about $1300 a month).

But one celebrity mom went for a much more affordable option. Tori Spelling relied on Nutrisystem, which features 160 food in their repertoire. A 4-week plan -with auto delivery -is $299.95 for four weeks (breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert). A more affordable, albeit less fancy, option for the average mom.


2. Personal Trainer vs. Virtual Trainer
Getting exercise is extremely key to losing that baby weight, but we all know that. Some take their workouts very seriously. Heidi Klum took it to the extreme. She had her trainer actually move in with her so she wouldn’t cheat on her fitness regime! Her trainer David Kirsh worked out with Heidi twice a day so she’d be in shape for the last Victoria Secrets broadcast.

Jessica Alba and Halle Berry trained with Ramona Braganza and used her 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone plan. The exercises combined with her diet plan (like eating small meals every few hours) helped both Jessica and Halle get back to their stellar pre-baby shapes. Now I can’t even guess to what personally training with Ramona would cost but you can buy her DVD on the Baby Be Gone plan at $30 a pop.

There are also oodles of video games to assist you in your workout goals. WiiFit not only weighs you on their Wii board but tracks your daily progress. Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape is just one of the many fitness games released that takes the trainer experience directly to your TV and for $49.99 is a much more affordable fee.


3. Home Gym vs. Public Gym

It’s been rumored that Jennifer Lopez spent $50,000 on a home gym to assist on her quest to lose the weight after having her twins, but really who has that kind of money to spend on workout gadgets and gizmos.

Joining a public gym is a more realistic alternative. To lose her own twin baby weight, Marsha Cross went to LA’s Burn 60 Gym. Their intense session cost about  $28 per class. That can add up. Those on a budget can just sign up with the local YMCA, pay about $50 for a whole month and have access to limitless classes, many have childcare too.


4. Surgery vs. Spanx

How did Kate Gosselin get into stomach bearing shape after having a set of six babies? She had surgery. Lucky for her, she was starring on her reality TV show so got the pricey perk of a free tummy tuck. The procedure would have regularly cost about $3000 to $8000 depending.

Many families can’t afford that indulgence and majority of moms probably wouldn’t want to go under the knife regardless. An option? Spanx! For under a hundred dollars you can appear slimmer just by donning one of these insanely popular undergarments. Celebrity who’ve admitted wearing Spanx include Jessica Alba, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow even said she wore two pairs of Spanx at the same time after having her first child Apple.


5. Time Vs. No Time

Celebrities have the priceless gift of time to dedicate to their bodies. It’s their job to look fabulous.  They have a staff of people so they don’t have to deal with the day in day out stuff us mere mortals do. They have nannies to look after the kids, chefs to do the cooking, maids to do the cleaning…freeing up their day for focusing on their body. It takes much more effort for the rest of us to find any kind of  time.

Kate Hundson reportedly did daily three-hour workout to lose 60 pounds in four months. Some like Nadya Suleman aka Octomom, go to the gym at midnight when the kids are asleep (and yes, someone is there at the house making sure they all stay in bed!). Finding this precious time can be a challenge, but the best thing is…time is free. So if you can find some minutes or even hours to get some exercise, as Nike says Just do it.