5-Year-Old British Boy Manages To Spend $2500 In Ten Minutes On His Parents' iPad


IMG_5791Change your passwords, parents! Change your passwords NOW!

In what can only be described as my worst nightmare, a 5-year-old toddler from Warmley, England managed to rake up over $2,500 on app charges on his parents’ iPad after gaining access to their password. What impresses me though is that he managed to do this in under ten minutes flat, LOL.

Apparently pre-schooler Danny Kitchen just wanted to play Zombies vs. Ninjas during a recent, quiet evening at home with his family. It wasn’t until the following day did Danny’s parents realize that he bombed their iTunes account when they received about twenty emails from Apple with about $2,570 of charges by their little tyke.

Mama Sharon Kitchen quickly realized who the culprit was. She told Britain’s Telegraph newspaper: “I realized what happened and told Danny he’d better get ready for bed and run and hide before daddy got home. He was crying, as the rest of the children were telling him we could have bought a house with the amount he had spent.”

And what about Danny? He admits that a few tears have been shed, but mostly because his favorite gaming console has been confiscated from him. He said, “I’m banned from the iPad now, but I am still going to play games when I can, but I will be careful now.”

See, children ARE expensive. In the meantime, I guess I won’t be freaking out each time I see a $1.99 charge on my account from my kids, though. I mean, it can be way worse!

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