5-Year-Old Gets Famous For His Kurt Russell Impression (Video)


joshua-sacco-does-kurt-russellThink your kid is talented? Put ’em on YouTube and find out. Joshua Sacco’s dad filmed him reciting Kurt Russell’s inspirational pre-game speech in the movie Miracle (which they’ve reportedly watched together 150+ times) and  it went viral. Now, Joshua’s YouTube fame has taken him all the way to The Ellen Show.

You’ve got to watch the video, but allow me set it up a little. This is a near-exact recreation of the scene (shown below) in which Kurt Russell gives the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team the big pep talk before they took the ice to beat the Russkies in the so-called “miracle on ice” game.

While I may be comfortable putting a video of my kid doing something funny on YouTube, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with them becoming a viral YouTube sensation. But, once it goes viral… there’s no turning back

Now, the Kurt Russell version.

While the video is awesome, I’m not sure it’s quite as spectacular as the infamous “Charlie Bit Me” video. Still, that video didn’t showcase a  lot of talent, or intelligence.

If you’re a sucker for a good hockey movie, or just a generally good sports film, Miracle ranks up there just behind Slap Shot.