50 Most Adorable Cartoon Characters


Wall-E is, as all the reviewers have been telling us, pretty damn cute, but did you know he’s only the 31st cutest cartoon character in recent film history? We have all the others in the top 50, including bunnies, puppies, monkeys, penguins – and one cuddly piece of legislation. No Smurfs, though. Those little blue guys try too hard.

Jen Chaney

  • Dopey

    The American Film Institute recently named Snow White & the Seven Dwarves the top animated movie of all time. And the cutest of those seven has to be Dopey, the good-hearted dim bulb that charms the poison-apple-eating beauty. Stupid has never been so adorable.

  • Gromit

    He’s a Claymation man’s best friend. As the soul mate to the perpetually hapless Wallace, Gromit never says a single word. But his bug eyes and droopy ears speak volumes.

  • Gleek

    Sure, the Wonder Twins can activate their powers and turn themselves into icebergs, blah, blah, blah. But neither Zan nor Jayna can radiate the adorableness of Gleek. Whether you love him or love to hate him, it doesn’t matter. There’s love there.

  • Boots

    Another from the monkey family, Dora the Explorer’s sidekick would be just passably sweet if it weren’t for that adorably ill-fitting footwear.

  • Bill

    He’s just a Bill? Uh, think again, chump. He’s a piece of legislation with a smiley face who teaches kids about how laws get passed in Congress. True, he leaves out all the stuff about partisan bickering and pork barrel spending, but whatev.

  • Sebastian

    Ariel may get more time in the spotlight, but Sebastian – the lobster who brought a reggae vibe to The Little Mermaid and helped renew the credibility of animated Disney movies – is the cutest creature under the sea.

  • Hamm

    The simply drawn, occasionally clueless Hamm, a piggy bank with the voice of Cliff Clavin (aka perennial Pixar player John Ratzenberger), steals all of his Toy Story scenes.

  • Pikachu

    I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon, but even I have to admit that this particular species of the Japanese creatures is adorable. Plus, his rosy cheeks can shoot lightning bolts!

  • Russell

    How can you not be a sucker for this member of the Fat Albert gang? He’s got those great freckles, he speaks in a high voice, he constantly wears a winter coat and he’s never afraid to tell off that arrogant Rudy. Unlike school in the summertime, Russell’s got class.

  • Baba Looey

    In the questionable tradition of cartoons that play on Latino stereotypes (also see #34), here comes Quick Draw McGraw’s lovable right-hand burro. One reason he made the list: a yellow sombrero that’s almost as big as he is. Also, he looks a lot like our next entrant…

  • Atom Ant

    Mules and ants are not the same, but seriously, doesn’t Atom Ant bear a striking resemblance to Baba Looey? The fact that both were born from the same parents – Hanna and Barbera – undoubtedly explains the connection. Our eensy-teensy hero ranks a little higher than Sr. Looey, though, because: a. smaller = cuter and b. his catch phrase is more memorable: “Up and at ’em, Atom Ant!”

  • Arthur

    His sister D.W. might not want to hear this, but Arthur – the intellectually curious, bespectacled aardvark who stars in his own PBS show – is the cuteness.

  • Roger Rabbit

    Those floppy ears and red suspenders are eye-catchers. But it’s that “P-p-p-p-lease!” that makes Roger so appealing. All credit goes to Charles Fleisher, otherwise known as Carvelli from “Welcome Back, Kotter,” who provides the voice that whispers sweet nothings to Jessica Rabbit.

  • Jiminy Cricket

    He serves as the conscience to Pinocchio. He’s a huge advocate for wishing upon a star. And he sports the tiniest little top hat ever drawn.

  • Kipper

    He might just be another plucky pup. But Kipper, who originally appeared in the children’s books by Mick Inkpen, has a way with words – and a British accent. Try beating that, Snoopy.

  • Ike

    Kyle might want to “kick the baby.” We just want to hug this goo-gooing little South Park infant.

  • Speedy Gonzales

    You know you adore this little Mexican mouse. Hurry up and admit it: “¡Ándale! ¡Arriba!”

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