The Top 50 Best Sesame Street Moments


It’s one of the longest-running shows in television history, and one of the best-loved – so perhaps it’s not surprising that there are more than 20,000 Sesame Street videos on YouTube alone. Babble combed through countless fan sites and video pages – not to mention our collective memories – to bring you the 50 most memorable moments in Sesame Street history. Watch them all here, then leave your own favorites in feedback.

Gwynne Watkins

  • The Two-Headed Monster: Fall

    How do kids learn to read without the two-headed monster?

  • Captain Vegetable

    “It is I, Captain Vegetable, with my carrot and my celery…”

  • Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

    Ralph Nader is a person in your neighborhood.

  • Sharing Licorice Candy

    Ernie and Bert in their classic “sharing” skit. Of course, Ernie is up to his old tricks:

  • Here is Your Life with Guy Smiley: A Loaf of Bread

    “She was an adorable little recipe…”

  • Martian Cutie

    A bizarre animated song in classic Sesame Street style.

  • Savion Glover and Snuffy tap dance

    You wouldn’t guess that Snuffy could do this, would you?

  • Friends

    After years of predominantly male Muppets, here’s some female bonding between Rosita, Zoe and Abby Cadabby.

  • I Love My Elbows

    Kermit’s ode to his favorite joint.

  • The Letter L

    Ernie and Bert, Sesame Street‘s definitive odd couple, sing their very different takes on the letter L.

  • Grover the Waiter Uses His Memory

    No matter where poor Mr. Johnson goes to eat – a burger joint, a Mexican place, even an airport restaurant – he ends up being served by Grover. In this episode, Grover makes up a poem to remember the order. Hilarity ensues.

  • The Honkers Have a Baby

    And we discover that honking is a learned skill.

  • Letter B

    As sung by The Beetles.

  • I Got a New Way to Walk

    Featuring the Oinker Sisters in all their pink-haired, leather-clad, ’80s glory.

  • Kermit’s W Lecture

    Kermit just wants to talk about the letter W. The letter W has other plans.

  • Muppet News Flash: Old MacDonald Had a Spaceship

    “With a whoosh-whoosh herrre and a whoosh-whoosh therrre…”

  • Roosevelt Franklin’s Days of the Week

    Roosevelt Franklin was dropped from the cast after the show received complaints that he was a negative African-American stereotype. (He was played by the actor who plays Gordon, and he was technically magenta.) But for the first five years, skits like this made him one of the most popular characters. He even released his own album.

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