The Top 50 Best Sesame Street Moments


The Babble List: The 50 Best Sesame Street Moments

Video of the show’s greatest hits! by Gwynne Watkins

June 25, 2010



Ladybug Picnic

“They talked about the high price of furniture and rugs, and fire insurance for ladybugs…”



Big Bird is learning to read, but there’s one word that stumps him: the alphabet.


I Love Trash

They just don’t make TV characters like Oscar anymore. Here’s his signature song.


The Yip-Yip Martians Find a Telephone

The Yip-Yip monsters proved that there are only two words you really need to know in the English language: Yip and Nope.


The Yo-Yo Master and the Lost Kid

A trippy psychedelic animation worthy of “Yellow Submarine.” And is that Isaac Hayes’ voice?


Super Grover and the Computer

We’ve gotten worse advice from the Dell Support Team than “Jump up and down and say ‘wubba wubba.'”


Sing, Sing a Song

The definitive Sesame Street sing-along song.


Ernie’s Bananaphone

If you’re going to call an elephant, you need a banana.



A glorious ode to urban life.


Snuffleupagus is Real!

For more than ten years, Big Bird tried to convince the adults on Sesame Street that his “imaginary friend” was real, but Snuffy kept ducking out sight before they could see him. The recurring gag (parodied in this clip) got old, so in 1985, Snuffy met the whole cast – who then apologized to Big Bird. Sadly, that clip has been pulled from YouTube.

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