50 of the Coolest Celebrity Dads


Just in time for Father’s Day, here’s the companion list to last week’s 50 Coolest Celebrity Moms. And of course, you can check in with all the celebrity parents you love (and love to hate) every day at FameCrawler. – Catherine Connors

  • Ben Stiller

    Because even though I’ve never been a super-big fan of his movies – Starsky and Hutch really should never have been made – he’s indisputably funny, and I just can’t help imagining him pulling a Derek Zoolander with his kids and teaching them the fine art of the Blue Steel pose.



  • Snoop Dogg

    Because he’s confusing in the most interesting ways. Is he a bad-ass rapper? Is he a family man? Is he an urban cowboy with a talent for slipper design and ambitions to write childrens’ books? He is an enigma, wrapped in a contradiction, and you gotta love that.



  • Guy Ritchie

    Because he shares parenting duties with Madonna, and that can’t be easy. How many men out there have to defend the size of their balls against those of the mother of their children? He gets points just for trying.




  • Christian Bale

    Because he’s Batman, and the new Terminator, and is there really anything cooler than a dad who’s both a superhero and a cyborg?




  • Matt Damon

    Because he somehow managed to pull off being both sexiest man of the year and a live-action version of Ned Flanders and make the two seem totally compatible.




  • Patrick Dempsey

    Because even though he’s a pretty big star, he is still every inch the Geeky Dadin day-to-day life.




  • David Beckham

    Because he’s a world-class soccer player who tattoos his kids’ names on his back. So what if he married a Spice Girl? He’s David Beckham; he can do whatever he wants.




  • Brad Pitt

    Because, as a couple, he and Angelina really do seem committed to saving the world through globally inclusive parenting, and also because you almost never see an off-red-carpet picture of him without a kid on his shoulders. Who’d have thought that Tyler Durden would ever become a serious contender for Father of the Year?



  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

    Because big strong tough-guy men with perpetual scowls on their faces look adorable with teeny weeny babies in their arms.




  • David Boreanaz

    Because he made the transition from 500-year-old vampire-with-a-soul to onscreen cop and doting father without losing an ounce of broodiness.




  • Vin Diesel

    See entry for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (no. 42)





  • Tim Burton

    Because if “cool” in a parent is defined according to a lack of concern with what other people think – and, perhaps, access to Johnny Depp – Tim Burton has got to be one of the coolest parents ever.




  • Eminem

    An odd choice, maybe, given all those songs in which he curses out the mother of his daughter. But for every one of those songs, there’re two that parse the challenges of fatherhood and the intensity of his love for his kids, and that’s pretty great.




  • Colin Farrell

    Because I’d bet a half dozen pints of Guinness that fatherhood hasn’t made him any less likely to be able to drink men twice his size under the table.




  • Naveen Andrews

    Because he’s one of the best characters on one of the best TV shows in the history of the universe, ever, and his kids are gonna be mad proud of that someday.




  • Chris Noth

    Because he’s Mr. Big. Do I need a better reason than that?





  • Tobey Maguire

    Because having Spiderman as a dad is just as cool, if not more cool, than having Batman for a dad.




  • Harrison Ford

    Because you gotta give a guy props for being able to crack a whip, defeat bad guys, find hidden treasure and sling small children around as a step-parent in his AARP years.




  • David Letterman

    Because becoming a father didn’t soften his edges any more than heart surgery did.





  • Hugh Jackman

    Because when he tosses his kids in the air, you just know that he’s gonna catch them.





  • Seal

    Because Heidi Klum told the world that she wanted to bear his children after seeing him in a pair of bicycle shorts, and it occurred to nobody to mock him for, you know, wearing bicycle shorts in front of Heidi Klum.



  • Travis Barker

    A rock-star drummer with more tattoos than David Beckham, his own reality show and his own fish taco joint. It doesn’t get much more bad-ass than that.




  • David Arquette

    Because I’m willing to bet that he’s more fun on a playdate than Courtney Cox.





  • Matthew Fox

    Because I’m guessing that even though he tends to play characters with destructive hero complexes, he’s probably one of those super-grounded dads who spends a lot of time playing softball with his kids.




  • Will Smith

    Because he’s probably the biggest star in Hollywood and yet has still managed to avoid a) divorce, and b) Scientology, neither of which is an easy feat.