Top 50 Cutest Celebrity Kids


  • Alice Richmond 1 of 7
    Alice Richmond
    Tina Fey’s daughter is probably funnier than you are — oh, and she looks good as a bumble-bee. Need we say more?
  • Archie Arnett 2 of 7
    Archie Arnett
    He’s got Mom & Dad’s goofy grin and smiley demeanor; we have a feeling that household is full of a lot of laughs.
  • Ava Jackman 3 of 7
    Ava Jackman
    Hugh Jackman’s child is a riot! Her expressions: priceless.
  • Lola Sheen 4 of 7
    Lola Sheen
    Poppa Charlie might be somewhat of a mess, but as these at-home Twit-pics of Lola (with older sister, Sam) show, girls just want to have fun — and a late-night kitchen raid is exactly that.
  • Olive Cohen 5 of 7
    Olive Cohen
    Who knew the daughter of outrageous Borat would clean up so well? (We credit the funky style of mom Isla Fisher!)
  • Honor Marie Warren 6 of 7
    Honor Marie Warren
    Jessica’s little rugrat is going to have a geek chic sense of style when she grows up!
  • Ramona Sarsgaard 7 of 7
    Ramona Sarsgaard
    This Brooklyn-bred cutie is a parent's dream: mom Maggie Gyllenhaal says her daughter likes rules so much, she even reminds her mom to discipline her when she forgets!

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