Celebrity Kids Who Sit 'N' Stroll (Get Your Own!)



What’s strange about this picture of Jessica Alba and daughter Honor? 

1. They’re arriving at Penn Station, NYC. The train station. When’s the last time you saw a celebrity on a train? (another sign of a celebrities hit by the recession?)

2. They have police escort. At the train station?

3. Honor is sitting in the most bizarre of all bizarre baby-gear contraptions: the Sit ‘N’ Stroll. A car seat that ostensibly turns into a stroller. What it really turns into is a pushable lounge chair.

And she’s not the only usually-fashionable celebrity recently seen pushing one of these weirdo concoctions. Get a glimpse of the other mom, plus details on buying your own whoppingly expensive Sit ‘N’ Stroll, below.

 Yes, Sheryl Crow pushed son Wyatt through an airport in the exact same model. 

They’re definitely convenient for traveling, the issue is that, as a stroller, the shocks aren’t great and maneuverability a little wonky. So if you’re walking any father than from your taxi to the gate, you’re going to wish you’d brought your actual stroller. 

If you have money to burn, though, why not splurge on one? Amazon offers this model for $249.