6 Celebrity Parents on the Set: Who's Filming What


While some of us gear up for the weekend, a number of celebrity parents are still working hard…on movie sets! They exemplify the phrase “working parent.” Oh, okay. They have it a bit easy, with their teams of nannies, personal trainers, drivers, and chefs. But still, it’s nice to see them putting in the effort. Up top, two parents (and one rumored-to-be wanna-be parent) in the same frame! It’s Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman in Maui, on the set of the romantic comedy Just Go With It. Four more parents on set, below.

At left, Angelina Jolie is on the Venice set of The Tourist, co-starring fellow parent Johnny Depp. The is about a broken-hearted American tourist (Depp), and the strange woman (Jolie) who crosses his path.

Toni Collette is shooting Foster in London, below. It’s the story of a couple who find a 7-year-old on their doorstep (who hasn’t been there?).

Considerably closer to home (my home, at least), Kate Winslet has been shooting Mildred Pierce, an HBO miniseries remake of the James Cain novel, in New York. Unfortunately for Kate, she’s being garbed in the least-flattering period-wear that I’ve seen since, well, ever.

And finally Naomi Watts has been on the set of Dream House, in Toronto. The thriller, directed by Jim Sheridan, stars Watts alongside fellow parents Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, and is about a murder in a small New England Town.