RHONY Feuds: Sarah Jessica Parker Sides With Bethenny


Bethenny Frankel RHONYSarah Jessica Parker was the guest-of-honor on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night, airing right after The Real Housewives of New York. And boy was it an explosive episode (it could have been subtitled: “Is Kelly Bensimon crazy?”). Host Andy Cohen put SJP on the spot, asking her tough, probing questions about the women of RHONY. Parker hemmed and hawed — she doesn’t like to publicly pick favorites — but in the end, she took sides. And she took them hard. 

A little recap of last night’s RHONY: Relations between Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel got especially heated, with Kelly claiming that she was worried Bethenny was going to kill her in her sleep (really? really?). It appeared that Kelly had some sort of mental break, teetering close to the edge of insanity. Is Kelly Bensimon crazy? So far, the evidence points to yes.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s take? She said she can’t be sure what actually went down, since we (and she) only get to see the editors’ version of events, but, from what she saw, she sided with Bethenny: “I strongly believe that Bethenny is not threatening in general, or specifically to Kelly.” Point: Bethenny.

Cohen also asked Parker to pick sides in the Bethenny/Jill feud. Again, she sided with Bethenny. Then she joked, with an embarassed laugh, “I’m so scared of Jill.” Aren’t we all? Point: Bethenny.

That’s a lot of Bethenny solidarity. SJP seems to get the warm fuzzies when discussing Frankel, and I wonder if it’s due to the two of them have something in common: Parker has new baby girls (hello, twins!), and Frankel just gave birth to her own baby girl, Bryn. Remember when your kids were infants? Remember how you gravitated to other new moms at parties, over lunch, in line at the bank? New motherhood is a form of magnetism.

Parker also admitted to admiring the newest Real Housewife of New York, Sonja Morgan, a.k.a. the sane one. Sonja has a daughter as well, but hers is 9 years old (there’s a lot of estrogen on the show: Kelly, Ramona, and Jill are moms of girls-only, too). “I really like Sonja, she’s like a little bit of helium…she’s been good for the show,” says Parker. Aye, we agree.  Final Tally: Two Points Bethenny, One Point Sonja