6 Awesome & Easy Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes for Adults

If you have kids you probably started to plain their outfits weeks if not months ago. But one thing you might not have entertained…what you’d be for Halloween. Perhaps you got invited to a last minute party or your little one is begging you to dress up. But instead of going out and buying some pricey outfit that you’ll wear one, go the cheap pop culture route by using what you have around the house plus a couple easy to get items to create one of these celebrity worthy outfits! Check out these 6 suggestions right here.

Lady Gaga
Dressing up like Lady Gaga is on the top of many a Halloween costume lists. And the nice thing is, there are lots of different Gaga’s you can choose from. Butchers are advising that people try not to do the meat costume at home, since if could potentially make you sick. But her red outfit would be easy enough to accomplish. Just get a basic long red dress and create a cardboard hat with red lace draped over it.

Jersey Shore
Snooki and The Situation will be big this year. To achieve a Snooki look, you just need to get a tight too short dress and give yourself a big hair bump. For The Situation, just draw some rock hard abs on a t-shirt, get a spray tan and spike up your hair and you are there!

Cigar Guy
Yes it has been a couple of weeks but the it still could get some chuckles at your local Halloween party. All you need to do is get long red wig, a fake mustache and a cigar. Easy peasy!

Mad Men Characters
This would work well as a group effort. Have you and your pals dress in retro suits along with a little pomade and the girls in early 60s style dresses. Carry around some boards with advertising pitches and steno pads and you’re a on the go ad agency.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
With Glee’s tribute to this classic cult musical, there is sure to be a resergence in interest in this 35 year old flick. And there are oodles of costume possibilities. For a man you can borrow a corset, throw on a pair of nylons and garters smear on the make up and you are a sweet transvestite. Girls can go plain Jane as Janet or maybe get a little maid outfit and put on a curly red wig and you’re Magenta.

Mariah Carey
Now that she is finally out about being pregnant you can pull Mariah with a low cut long dress some bling and a pillow as a baby bump.

Do you have any other quick and easy celebrity Halloween outfits?

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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