6 Foot 7 Foot Lil Wayne Lyrics: So Not for Kids, but OK for SNL! (Video)


6 foot 7 foot lil wayne lyrics Lil Wayne is back!  The rapper hit the stage on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Liveto perform his latest single, 6′ 7′, in a joint performance with Eminem. 

Even though he cleaned up the language some for the network performance the song is still not for kids!

Watch Lil Wayne’s SNL Performance of 6′ 7’….


Lil Wayne’s performance of 6’7′ was full of subtle pauses instead of in your face obscenities.   Even though he cleaned it up a bit, the 6’7′ Lil Wayne lyrics are definitely not intended for younger viewers.   If you want a performance that you can share with the kids, check out the Jeff Bridges duet of Silver Bells with Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.

Watch Lil Wayne’s performance of 6’7′ on Saturday Night Live. 

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