6 Reasons Why It's Easier to be a Celebrity Dad Than a Celebrity Mom

Easier to be a celebrity dad via Babble.comThere are times where I fantasize about what it would be like to be famous. You get to have an interesting job, people around you who can pick out your clothes, do your make up and help with the kids. It all sounds pretty glamorous.

Until you start thinking about they ways their lives are not all that wonderful. The constant speculations, the unrealistic expectations and it’s different for the celebrity moms and dads — much like for us real life peoples.

Celebrity moms like Jessica Simpson and Beyonce definitely have some perks to their fame, but the perks for celebrity dads like David Beckham and Tom Hardy are just that much better.

Click through for 6 reasons why I think it’s easier to be a celebrity dad than a celebrity mom:

  • Celebrity Dads Can Work 1 of 6
    Celebrity Dads Can Work
    It's the same in many areas of the world -- the dad 'brings home the bacon' and the mom takes care of her kids. Celebrity dads are given a lot more leeway when it comes to balancing their work and kids, often making it less of a thing when the dads take off for months for a film. The moms seem to be expected to take their little ones with them. Most likely want to, but I imagine it would be a big deal in the media if mom decided to leave her babe at home.
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  • Celebrity Moms Criticized For Pregnancy Size 2 of 6
    Celebrity Moms Criticized For  Pregnancy Size
    Yes, only women can be pregnant so it is pretty one sided. It's still a bonus for dad though. He doesn't get critisized over the size of him while growing a baby. Celebrity moms always have someone saying something about how big or small they are during pregnancy.
  • Dads Get ‘Oooh’d and ‘Aww’d 3 of 6
    Dads Get 'Oooh'd and 'Aww'd
    No one makes a huge 'OMGEE that is so cute' when Mom is out with her babes. Yes, there is something extra cute and sexy about a guy with his child, but dang -- mom should get some of that too. It's expected for mom to be with the baby so we don't hear the sweetness factor as often.
  • Celebrity Moms Need to be Fashionable 4 of 6
    Celebrity Moms Need to be Fashionable
    A celebrity mom could have literally just given birth and the media already expects them to be in the latest fashion. Actually, even when pregnant moms need to be in the best designer clothes. Men's fashion doesn't really change from basic items so they don't have to worry.
  • Celebrity Moms Deal With Unrealistic Weight Requirements 5 of 6
    Celebrity Moms Deal With Unrealistic Weight Requirements
    Just had a baby? Media doesn't care and moms will be critisized either way. If you lost the weight 'too quickly' people will care. If you're 2 months postpartum and you 'still haven't lost the weight', people will care. Even if you're not a new mom, your weight will be picked apart. Celebrity dads can be 50 pounds overweight and media will call them cuddly and cute, their weight is not as much of an issue.
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  • Celebrity Moms Can’t Be ‘Too Sexy’ 6 of 6
    Celebrity Moms Can't Be 'Too Sexy'
    People in general have a weird rule about moms and their sex appeal. Yes, it's weird to think of a mom as sexy, but we totally can be. Generally people are put off by it, for moms only. Dads seem to get sexier with kids in their arms.
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:: Tell me, which do you think is easier? ::

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