6 Year Old YouTube Star Fred Figglehorn Makes $146,000 Online!


Did you know you could make a fortune posting your videos on YouTube? Yeah, I didn’t either. There are a handful of camcorder carrying individuals who aren’t just becoming beloved YouTube stars but are making big bucks at the same time.

An example? Lucas Cruikshank aka Fred Figglehorn. Okay, first should mention, Lucas isn’t really six years old. He just plays a six year old on TV. The premise of the show is as follows: “Using his mom’s camera, a lonely six year old named Fred starts posting videos to a YouTube channel.”

But the Fred series wasn’t an overnight sensation. Him and his partners in crime his cousins Jon and Katie Smet have been at it since 2006. And since then they’ve had about 90 million channel views and 566 million video views since they launched.

But his high pitched star power won’t only be on YouTube.  Fred: The Movie made by Nickelodeon will debut this year and  they’ve already optioned a sequel.

And as for the profits from YouTube, it’s estimated to be around $146,000!

You can check out a list of other YouTube stars making the big bucks here. And you can see some Fred magic below.

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