7 Things About Balthazar Getty- Son of John Paul Getty III


Balthazar Getty

The actor Balthazar Getty lost his father this week J. Paul Getty III who was the grandson of American oil magnate J. Paul Getty.

His father J. Paul Getty III was just 54 when he died. He passed away in Buckinghamshire, England and was famous not just for being an heir to the Getty name but for his very public misfortunes.  At the age of 16 he was kidnapped while in Rome. His billionaire granddad didn’t want to pay the kidnappers so they cut off J. Paul Getty’s ear. He was released after being held for five months. After this ordeal he became involved in drugs and alcohol. He had a stroke in 1981 which left him a quadriplegic and nearly blind.

His son Balthazar Getty’s life has been far less dramatic but still pretty interesting.  Here are five things about Balthazar Getty .

He is known for his work on the TV series Brothers & Sisters, Alias and Charmed.

Balthazar Getty got married to Rosetta Millington back in 2000 and they have four children.

He had an affair with actress Sienna Miller in 2008 and split from his wife. But that didn’t work out.  He reunited with his wife in late 2010.

He has the letters BZAR tattooed on his right hand.

He has been a model for Versace, Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger

He said of his father that he, “taught us how to live our lives and overcome obstacles and extreme adversity and we shall miss him dearly.”

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