7 Worst Oscar Dresses EVER! Why Did They Wear THIS to the Academy Awards?


Now many fashion watchers will be watching the Academy Awards 2011 to see who is the best dressed. Others? They’re more interested in wore is the WORST dressed, relishing in wonderment at the bad fashion decisions made by the stars or their stylists. So who are some of the worst Oscar dressers ever? Here are seven of the worst outfits..EVER!

(above Bjork argueablly wore the more ummm….”interesting” dresses the red carpet of the Academy Awards has ever seen. Her swan dress became and icon of red carpet wackiness. Maybe Natalie Portman can borrow it and dye it black?

Cher looks like a spider who has been electrocuted.

Geena Davis wore a dress that looked like a bridal gown gone terribly, terribly wrong.

When Gwyneth Palrow decided she was gonna go goth. But a bra would have really helped.

Kate Hudson looked a little bit country with this look, like she was about to hit a Nashville stage to sing a duet with Dolly Parton.

Selecting between which horrid Sally Kirkland outfit was a challenge, but this one is pretty bad.

You can win and you can lose with a “statement” outfit. This one worn by Celine Dion is backwards in more than one way.


Marie Claire, the vine,