7-Year-Old Coco Arquette Gets Her Hair Highlightened and Straightened at Malibu Salon (Is This Too Young?)

Courtney and her daughter Coco

Gwen Stefani’s son did it, Angelina Jolie’s sons did it, and now it looks like Courtney Cox’s 7-year-old daughter is getting the hair salon treatment as well.

Coco Arquette was spotted leaving a Malibu salon on Wednesday sporting a new, highlighted and coifed look that resembles her famous godmother, Jennifer Aniston circa 1996.

Coco is as cute as a button, but we can’t help but wonder, why is her mother Courtney letting her color her hair at such a young age?

Just a few months ago little Coco sported purple and blue highlights in her hair, apparently a look inspired by her aunt Patricia, daddy David Arquette’s sister.

Coloring children’s hair has long been a hot debate, while many moms seem not to mind highlighting or bleaching their kids’ hair while others are concerned about the potential danger it might do to their strands.

Tell us, do you think Coco is too young to be putting blonde highlights in her hair?  Would you allow your child to dye their hair?


Photo: PCN

Mini-style star Coco Arquette always had a flair for big fashion!