8 Celebrity Moms Who Are Crazy for Converse



When celebrity moms aren’t strapping on a pair of five inch heels or a pair of platform Louboutins, they wear something far more practical, sneakers. And one of their top choices? Converse.

These American classics are comfortable, cool, and lucky for us – affordable. So what celebrity moms sport their Converse when out and about with the kids?

Check out these eight moms who opt for low rise or high rise Converse kicks.

  • Jessica Alba 1 of 8
    Jessica Alba
  • Reese Witherspoon 2 of 8
    Reese Witherspoon
  • Kelly Bensimon 3 of 8
    Kelly Bensimon
  • Liv Tyler 4 of 8
    Liv Tyler
  • Sarah Jessica Parker 5 of 8
    Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Jodie Foster 6 of 8
    Jodie Foster
  • Amy Poehler 7 of 8
    Amy Poehler
  • Nicole Kidman 8 of 8
    Nicole Kidman

Photos: PCN