8 Great Thanksgiving Quotes from Our Favorite Celebrities!


During Thanksgiving and the time of thinking back upon the year and being happy with what one has, celebrities are particularly thankful for everything they have received. Over the years, stars from Oprah Winfrey to Johnny Carson to Jon Stewart have shared their funny, poignant, and heartwarming thoughts about Turkey Day.

Check out these 8 great Thanksgiving quotes — celebrity edition — right here:

  • Oprah 1 of 8
    THanksgiving quotes -Oprah Winfrey

    A very wise quote from the one and only Oprah!


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  • Jay Leno 2 of 8
    Thanksgiving Quote

    Ha, very very true!


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  • Jon Stewart 3 of 8

    Jon Stewart's quote starts off sweet and then he gets very "real."


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  • Ted Allen 4 of 8

    Thanksgiving is NOT a day for dieting.


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  • Hank Azaria 5 of 8

    Hank's Hollywood-spin on Thanksgiving.


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  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson 6 of 8

    Dreams DO come true!


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  • Kevin James 7 of 8

    That's why he should take Jay Leno's advice and just go with the robe!


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  • Johnny Carson 8 of 8

    Ha! Love this one!


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