9 Celebrity Paternity Fiascos: Justin Bieber Isn't Alone (Photos)


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Justin Bieber may have fathered a 3-month-old baby boy!

Justin Bieber could be shaking in his boots, or he may be laughing at such a ridiculous claim of him fathering a 3-month-old baby boy!

A California woman, Mariah Yeater, 20, is looking to get a paternity test from the pop superstar in beliefs that he is the father of her baby.

While Bieber may end up taking this paternity test, we found 9 other celebrities who have deal with the Maury-inspired question of “Is he the father?”

Take a look at the cases below!

  • Justin Bieber 1 of 9
    Justin Bieber
    A California woman, 20, claims to have birthed Justin Bieber's baby. She wants a paternity test.
  • Kourtney Kardashian 2 of 9
    Kourtney Kardashian
    A man named Michael Girgenti claimed to be the true father of Kourtney's son, Mason. Girgenti stated that he is the father and requested a paternity test to prove it.
  • Jude Law 3 of 9
    Jude Law
    Samantha Burke proved through DNA testing that Jude Law was the father of her child.
  • Eddie Murphy 4 of 9
    Eddie Murphy
    Melanie Brown spiced up Eddie Murphy's life when she revealed that the actor was the father of her child. Murphy originally denied the claim but admitted fathering the child when the paternity test came back positive.
  • Chris Rock 5 of 9
    Chris Rock
    Chris Rock's 11-year marriage was put at risk when Kali Bowyer claimed that the comedian was the father of her 13-year-old son. Testing showed Rock was not the father.
  • Larry Birkhead 6 of 9
    Larry Birkhead
    One of the biggest debacles surrounding Anna Nicole Smith's death was the search for the unknown father of her newborn daughter, Dannielynn. After what seemed like dozens of potential parents and months of 24-hour press coverage, Larry Birkhead was confirmed as the father of Dannielynn through paternity testing.
  • Steve Jobs 7 of 9
    Steve Jobs
    Chris-Ann Brennan claims that the then 23-year-old Jobs got her pregnant. The former Apple CEO denied that he was the father of the child for two years, until paternity testing finally revealed that he was the dad.
  • Ryan Phillippe 8 of 9
    Ryan Phillippe
    Ryan Phillippe allegedly fathered a third child this past year by his ex-girlfriend. A paternity test has still not been given, but the baby's legal last name is Phillippe.
  • Elvis Presley 9 of 9
    Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley did admit to sleeping with a fan, but there was no DNA testing at the time to prove he was the father. Regardless, the crooner set-up a 2-million-dollar trust fund to be given to the child at the age of 24.

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