9 Most Annoying Celebrity Nicknames (Photos)


I have never been a fan of nicknames — take my name for example, Devan. All through school and even now I cringe when people shorten my name and call me “Dev” because I find it annoying. Same goes for my husband who knows that I am not a ‘schmoopy’ person who likes cutsey love names and I will roll my eyes every time.

The media loves ‘schmoopy’ when it comes to celebrity couples and the new thing is to give them a combined name to show just how cute they are. ::insert eye roll:: Some celebrities are even cool enough to have their own name shortened into an ‘adorkable’ nickname — to try to seem more hip? I don’t get it, but I do find it annoying.

Click to read the top 9 most annoying celebrity nicknames:

  • “J-Lo” 1 of 9
    I am pretty sure Jennifer Lopez coined this name for herself and I blame this one for the onslaught of the others.
  • “Brangelina” 2 of 9
    A nickname given to Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie by the media because their relationship was that big of a deal you know.
  • “X-Tina” 3 of 9
    Christina Aguilera went through a re-branding and new look to her. Dropping her Disney image for a more hard one. This annoying nickname was part of it.
  • “Gyllenspoon” 4 of 9
    When Reese Witherspoon was dating Jake Gyllenhaal another annoying "meld the names together" nickname happened.
  • “Ashmi” 5 of 9
    Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore were a paring that took people by surprise, so of course that means nickname.
  • “TomKat” 6 of 9
    Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise have a nickname that is kind of cute. It's still that lame play on their words, but this one makes up an actual phrase. Still, really annoying.
  • “Madge” 7 of 9
    Madonna even hates this nickname too, until she found out it was short form for "Your Majesty"
  • “K-Fed” 8 of 9
    Kevin Federline was hot news years ago when he was dating and eventually married then divorced to Britney Spears. Remember that very short rap career, I think that's where this nickname came from.
  • “Garfleck” 9 of 9
    Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's annoying nickname is only because when Ben was dating the other Jennifer (J-Lo) they spawned the first annoying nickname. It's only fair for his wife to have one too.

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