9 Year Old Wins Doodle 4 Google


You know how when you go to Google there is always a different design, like a beach umbrella for summer or a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day?  Well, the Internet mega-giant held a contest for kids to submit their own artwork for a chance to have pretty much everyone in the country see it!  It will run for 24 hours on May 27.

There were over 33,000 students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade that submitted designs in Google’s 2010 Doodle 4 Google Contest. The theme was “If I could do anything, I would…”  The winner, with an amazing rainforest habitat drawing, is El Dorado Springs, Missouri native Makenzie Melton who is just 9 years old. When asked about her drawing, she said that the  “rainforest is in danger and it is not fair to the plants and animals. I love everything except spiders and snakes, but I would still save them.”

Aside from just having her artwork seen by gajillions, Makenzie also gets a $15,000 college scholarship, a netbook computer, and a $25,000 grant for a computer lab at her school. I think someone is going to be popular!

Her drawing is great, but there was a ton of fantastic work, much of it better than anything I could hope to create in colored pencil. Click through to take a look at some other artistic renderings of Google. You may just be looking at the next Van Gogh:

Vicky Patricia Siah
Age: 6

Jennifer Ahn
Age: 9

Ryan Watson
Age: 14

Bevan Schiffli
Age 16