A Baby For Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard?


Okay, so this isn’t a traditional bump watch in the sense that in no way do I think there is a bun in Kristen Bell’s tiny little oven. Yet.

But apparently, she and Dax Shepard are planning for one all the same.

Bell and Shepard, who got engaged last Christmas, are currently renovating their Los Angeles home. According to OK! Magazine, Bell hired celebrity decorater Kari Whitman to redecorate, and just turn one of the bedrooms into a nursery, you know, while she’s at it.

“She’s planning ahead a little bit,” a source told OK.

Oh, the luxury of being rich and famous. They have so much space they get to put aside an entire room, decorate it as a nursery and just not use it until they need it. Meanwhile, I was eight months pregnant and trying to shoehorn a ‘nursery’ into our tiny apartment, which boiled down to conversations that went like this: Could we put the crib in the bathroom? How about that closet over there?
The fact remains that anyone who is setting up a nursery in their home is clearly up to something. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty pumped by the the idea of these two having a baby. Dax Shepard’s character on Parenthood is my new favorite TV dad, and Kristen Bell just rocks.

So cue the bump watch, celebrity watchers. A brand new Hollywood baby may be on the horizon.