A Case For Abstinence: John Mayer Tells Fans He Wants To Impregnate Them


john-mayer-impregnate-audienceJohn Mayer got on stage at London’s Hard Rock Cafe on Monday night and told the audience that by night’s end one of them would be carrying his seed. I see it as a Public Service Announcement for abstinence. But if that isn’t enough to sway you, he then went on to say a bunch of other crazy-ass things that might want to make you think twice before having him father your child.

After announcing, “I’m getting someone pregnant tonight,” Mayer then continued to toot his own horn, so to speak.

“I’m going to do a cover by another artist who has a hard time making it happen in the UK,” he said. “I’m not saying I have a hard time making it happen — I could make it happen with any of you ladies tonight. Someone’s getting preggers. Someone’s going to have my baby tonight.

“It only takes nine months and eight hours from now. We should f**k on a Leap year or on Easter Island.”

Somewhere out there, a little John Mayer is waiting to be born.

But wait — there’s more.

Mayer opened his mouth and then more crazy spewed out. “I learned how to make a pot brownie,” he said. “I went on Google. But then I realized the people who put up the recipes are stoners and they were writing a lot about the planet before they actually gave out the recipe. I made them and fell asleep. They should put them in a bottle and manufacture them instead of sleeping pills.”