A Dating Show For Kate Gosselin?


It’s official: Kate Gosselin is completely taking over your television screen. Her newest rumored show is so obvious, I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming. It’s like when your toddler is reaching for something on a shelf and you’re too busy thinking about something else-say, Hugh Jackman riding a unicorn down a beach topless-that you don’t stop them from toppling over the whole thing. As you clean up the mess you know you should have seen this coming, you just didn’t.

Though not confirmed, there have been a slew of rumors that Kate will be doing a Bachelorette-type dating show. “Kate’s working on a deal to do a new reality dating series on ABC,” according to an insider who spoke to Life & Style. Kate would “likely be starring in her own series, possibly matching her with single dads.”

Nothing against Kate here, but what man watches her show and her kids and says, ‘Not only do I need a woman, but I a huge family already built-in.” Sure, there are probably a few such suitors, but enough to create a cast? Kate, I’m sorry to say it, comes with eight cases of baggage. But hey, it would make for great TV.

A source tells MSNBC’s The Scoop that “Kate has no desire to start dating right now and has no interest in a dating show,” yet this week’s OK! Magazine has her on the cover proclaiming in the required huge, all-caps font that ‘FINALLY A NEW MAN FOR KATE.’ It’s labeled as an exclusive so her reps may have had to keep any man-lust Kate has been having under-wraps.

There is also the fact that Kate is under contract with TLC, though the networks may work together in order to cross-promote. If Kate is a bigger star, her ratings will be better.

I have my fingers crossed on this one though a new show would mean even more time away from her clan (unless they were involved somehow which would be weird and unhealthy). However, I would love to see the date ideas and challenges the networks would dream up for Kate and her date.  Who can give the longest piggyback ride or how long can you withstand listening to her complain about how hard being a mom is before they completely break down and beg for mercy.

Would you watch?


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