A Justin Bieber Baby? If True Mariah Yeater Could Be Looking at Jail Time. Why?

A Justin Bieber Baby?

Is there a Justin Bieber baby? If the allegations are true there will be many, many repercussions. Justin Bieber’s squeaky clean image will be forever marred, his fans will be devastated, Selena Gomez will be heartbroken, and the woman behind the scandal (and the rumored baby mama) may be looking at jail time.  Yes, the woman who claimed she was impregnated by a 30 second tryst with the pop singer could be looking at up to a year behind bars. Why?

At the time that she claimed they did “the deed” Mariah was 19 and Justin Bieber was just 16. A Los Angeles police commander said that she could be under investigation because the act would be in violation of California’s statutory rape law (the act allegedly happened in Los Angeles), even though there was no report filed.

Do you think there is any chance the rumors could be true?


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