A Look Inside Beyonce's Maternity Suite! Yeah, It's SWEET!

Beyonce Gave Birth in Style

There has been much ado about the hospital room where Beyonce Knowles gave birth. Rumors that she and Jay-z rented out a whole floor for 1.4 million and rumors that they tore down about six regular sized hospital rooms to create their own custom room.  But now sources are saying that the hospital intended to build two deluxe VIP suites, and that it just so happened that Beyonce was the one to christen the room with the birth of baby Blue.

So what are these VIP rooms like? Yeah, these suites are sweet.

TMZ got their hands on photos of the most talked about suite in the country, a hospital room that looks more like a penthouse at a fancy four star hotel. The walls are a rich mahogany, with beige and white couches and chic silver accents in the form of modern coffee tables, lamps and curtains. The suite even came with it’s own kitchenette, which was also very stylishly appointed. There is the standard hospital bed for the birth as well as a bed for the spouse – in this case Jay-Z.  And for entertainment? There were four flat screen TVs installed.

You can see photos of the chic and plush hospital suite right here.