A Mix-Up? Jennifer Garner and Violet Make a Williams-Sonoma Appliance Return (Photos)


The early hours of Sunday morning found Jennifer Garner lugging a large stainless-steel standing mixer up the steps of a local Williams-Sonoma store. Her daughter Violet came along for the ride.

An observer reports that they arrived so early that an employee had to let them in through a back entrance. Once inside, cameras caught Jen exchanging a laugh with a clerk at the cashier station.

Although the mixer was out of its box, it appeared to be unused, and the actress left the store without a replacement. Maybe it was a wedding or housewarming gift for a friend that turned out to be a duplicate? Whatever it was, we’re sure Jennifer will find something just as good to give in its place.

After the quick errand, Jen and Violet were off again – maybe for a well-deserved cup of coffee for Mom!

See the pics here.

  • New Item 1 of 6

    As Jennifer maneuvers both mixer and car door, Violet has her own hands full. Perhaps Jennifer is suggesting she leave some of her friends behind for this quick errand.

  • Walking the dog 2 of 6

    Violet finally decides to travel more lightly, taking only one stuffed dog along.

  • Whew! 3 of 6

    Metal standing mixers are no lightweight - but those hours at the gym have paid off. Jennifer manages to get the hefty appliance safely to the store.

  • Definitely Mom’s girl 4 of 6

    Violet has her mom's sweet smile - and sense of style!

  • Smiles all around 5 of 6

    The actress shares a smile with the sales associate. Judging by the displays, we're guessing she bought the mixer at the wedding registry. Maybe the bride already had one?

  • All done 6 of 6

    Their errand over, Jen and Violet head swiftly down the stairs. We're hoping they made their way to the nearest coffee bar for a little treat!