A New Reality Show For Jon Gosselin?


As news hit today that Kate Gosselin may have a new Bachelorette-type show in the works along with her shows Kate Plus Eight and Twist of Kate, comes word that Jon Gosselin may be getting his very own program.

He was seen touring around L.A. with reality show producer Canaan Rubin, which started the buzz. There is no word on what the show will entail, but I’ve got some ideas:

1) America’s Biggest Loser Dad: Chronicles Jon filing custody battles and dropping them, being negligent on child support payments, and continuing to not have a job.

2) The Bachelor Survivor:Women are pitted in competition to see who can escape dating Jon by performing and winning a number of tasks. The loser will be forced to go on a date with him.

3) Big Stoned Brother (Bro): Jon hangs out and eats and smokes pot. Wears lots of Ed Hardy.

4) SuperManny: Since Jon can’t hang out with his own kids 24-7, this show would have him visit families and watch their little ones.

And finally, the only one I would watch:

5) Extremely Needed Makeover:  Jon visits professionals designed to help in in specific areas of his life from grooming and looks, physical health, career guidance, general logic, etc. At the end he emerges a new man and a better father.

What do you think? Do you have any interest in watching something starring Jon? What are your ideas?


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