A Pregnant Hilary Duff Zip Lines, Shops For Baby, & Gets Nauseous Over Beef Jerky!


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Hilary Duff zip lines while being pregnant!

Hilary Duff is certainly one of the most sought after on the baby bump watch list in all of Hollywood. And it’s extra helpful when Hilary updates us herself through twitter messages and twitpics!

And it’s through these twitter messages that Hilary brings us up to date on her pregnancy and what she’s been up to this past week.

Sister Haylie Duff recently tweeted this message, “Me @HilaryDuff and Mama Duff… Ziplining thru San Fran…both of us are in 6 in heels,” to which Hilary retweeted to all of her fans.

And the pregnancy fun didn’t end there! Hilary added, “Heading to mystery city with moms today! I bet this is when the baby shopping begins! Oh dear… Thank god the hubby’s out of town!”

But while we certainly know Hilary’s pregnancy cravings include Rice Krispie Treats, we know she’ll be staying far far away from beef jerky over the next nine months! She said, “Ok I am seriously offended! Who eats BEEF JERKY on the airplane! I’m might pass out! Or loose my breakfast! Gag.”

What foods caused you to be nauseous during your pregnancy?

[Photo via Twitter.]