A Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt Back!


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Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with her first child.

Jennifer Aniston reportedly wants her old life back!

The reportedly pregnant star is on the verge of leaving her current beau Justin Theroux and doesn’t want to raise her first baby alone! So what’s Aniston’s solution? She wants her ex Brad Pitt back!

Star claims Jen is “shaken up” because Justin Theroux stormed out on her during their holiday vacation to Colorado. Jen was reportedly mad because Justin didn’t propose to her over the holidays. Jen called Brad up and he admitted to having problems with Angelina Jolie as well.

“Jen impulsively called Brad’s cell. She didn’t expect him to answer, but he did.” a source says. “He was curt and said he was busy, but then he asked her what was up. Jen started crying and pouring out her heart about her problems with Justin. She finally blurted out: ‘I miss you. I want you back.'”

Jen is reportedly waiting to announce her pregnancy at the second trimester, but she’s afraid she may have to announce that she’s now single as well.

And it doesn’t help that Brad gives Jen false hope. “Brad tried to soothe Jen by confessing that he and Angie were also having problems. He thought it would help Jen see that all couples have ups and downs, but now she’s thinking he’ll leave Angie for her!”

What do you think? Will Jen and Brad reconcile?

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