A-Rod Gave Kate Hudson A Ring??


A-Rod-Kate-Hudson-ringYankees star Alex Rodriguez may have given Kate Hudson a ring full of diamonds, but little Ryder shouldn’t expect a new stepdaddy any time soon.

Supposedly, A-Rod gave Kate Hudson a $39,000 ring a few days after winning the World Series, but it’s not an engagement ring.  Apparently the ring is meant as a thank you to Kate for supporting A-Rod in the stands during this year’s championship season.

The ring is said to be a white gold Louis Vuitton with pink sapphires and diamonds.  An “insider” says, “It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry. Alex has a World Series ring, and now she does, too.”

Someone should alert the rest of the Yankees fans that they’re supposed to be getting “thanks for supporting us” World Series rings.  Also?  I think it’s about time for me to start pretending to be a Yankees fan.