A-Rod and Kate Make a Home Run


Ryder Robinson - kate Hudson - alex rodriguezNo, that’s not A-Rod.  Alex was cropped to showcase the celebrity of Kate and her son Ryder.  Perhaps the paparazzi are Phillies fans. Or Mets. Or baseball.

Under normal circumstances, not that normal ever applies to Alex Rodriguez or Kate Hudson, I would give a player grief for spending his days hunting houses rather than preparing for a little thing called the “World Series”.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Of course, this is A-Rod and he’s actually having the best post-season run of his career, so maybe he should be shacking up with celebrities every pennant race.  Kate Hudson, on the other hand, hasn’t made a movie that I can name since Almost Famous.  She was in that, right?

I wonder when Ryder is going to get the Yankee outfit.  Madonna had her kids decked out long before their rumored moving-in stuff started.