A-Rod Makes A 1,200 Mile Detour To Visit Kate


alg_arod-kate-300x277Although Yankees fans are definitely warming up to Kate Hudson, they can’t be too happy to hear about this: diners at a restaurant in Miami spotted A-Rod and Kate having date night on Wednesday… less than 2 days before the Yankees kick off the ALCS with the Angels at Yankees Stadium. Some fans are already slamming A-Rod for his lack of focus.

Instead of describing it as a simple — for lack of a better term — 1,200-mile-good-luck-booty-call, I should point out that A-Rod’s ex-wife (yeah, the one he left for Madonna) and his two daughters Natasha, 5, and Ella, 18 months, also live in Miami.

Of course, Yankees PR spinsters are trying to play up the idea that A-Rod was there visiting his kids…. which of course he probably was. But he was also there to see Kate.

In fact, no one has actually come out and said that A-Rod saw his daughters at all this week.

I wonder if it pisses Kate off that, if A-Rod has a bad game tonight, fans will probably blame her. It’s gotta add some tension to the relationship. Does it make Kate mad that A-Rod has to use his kids as an excuse to visit her?