A Shirtless Johnny Depp on the Set of the Lone Ranger - Yes, You are Welcome


Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer were spotted filming the last scenes of their new film The Lone Ranger. Armie Hammer has the honor of playing the title character and Johnny Depp put his all into playing Tonto (even joining a real Indian tribe).

The duo, with a shirtless Johnny Depp, filmed a scene on a very stylized ravaged looking train. Johnny was also accompanied by his body double who donned the same eccentric outfit, complete with crow hat, that Johnny Depp wore.

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  • Walking Carefully 1 of 5
    Walking Carefully
    Johnny Depp was filming a scene while walking very carefully on the set.
  • Johnny Depp and Stand-in 2 of 5
    Johnny Depp and Stand-in
    Johnny Depp with his stand-in, a pretty good body double huh?
  • The Set 3 of 5
    The Set
    The set for this scene was a very stylized train car.
  • With Armie Hammer 4 of 5
    With Armie Hammer
    Johnny Depp with his Lone Ranger in the form of Armie Hammer.
  • Last Day on Set 5 of 5
    Last Day on Set
    This was the last day on the set for the two and they celebrated with a hug.

Watch Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger movie trailer.