A Sip and See Party! Show Off the Baby Like the Real Housewives


You know what’s new to me? The Sip and See party. But this is just the kind of party that Phaedra of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is very familiar with, one that she and her hubby Dwight had for her new born baby boy. So what’s the deal with a Sip n See party.

Basically, you come see the baby and you sip on some booze. It’s an easy way to have everyone get to meet your baby at one big coming out party. Some opt to go all nautical with the theme while others use it like a baby shower but just after the baby is born.  But of course the one Phaedra of the Real Housewives of Atlanta threw was over the top, fancy and not without some good old fashioned Housewives drama.

Have you ever been to a Sip N See party?

Photos: Sip n See