A Swinging Time! Gwen Stefani Takes Her Sons to the Playground (Photos)

Swings aren't just for kids, you know!

Springtime is playground time for parents and kids, and a sunny L.A. day was the perfect excuse for Gwen Stefani to hit the swings with her sons, 5-year-old Kingston and 3-year-old Zuma.

Dressed comfortably in her preferred black and neutral tones and sensible boots, Gwen was hands-on all the way as she helped her boys maneuver high bars, climb ladders and soar to new heights. Husband Gavin Rossdale wasn’t with them – perhaps because he’s doing some filming locally.

As for the kids, they loved being able to go barefoot on the sandy playground and enjoy the warm sun. Kingston wore just a T-shirt and slacks, and Zuma quickly got rid of the hat he was wearing.

Take a look at our gallery and tell us – are you going to the playground today?

  • Hey, Mom, watch this! 1 of 9
    Hey, Mom, watch this!
    Kingston perches atop a small jungle gym - and you know exactly what he's about to do.
  • Going down 2 of 9
    Going down
    Yep, he did it. Kingston jumps off, and then probably went back up for another go.
  • Look, I’m doing it! Sort of! 3 of 9
    Look, I'm doing it! Sort of!
    It's easy to hang off a high sliding long as you have a mom to hold onto. Don't worry, Kingston; the ground is soft and sandy.
  • Kingston and Zuma zoom 4 of 9
    Kingston and Zuma zoom
    Two kids, two swings, two arms to push them - perfect!
  • Got your feet! 5 of 9
    Got your feet!
    What mom hasn't played this game with her kids at the playground? Half the fun is anticipating when Mom will let go and send you soaring again.
  • Zuma’s turn 6 of 9
    Zuma's turn
    In the time-honored tradition of kids everywhere, 3-year-old Zuma, sans hat, shows his mom where he wants to go next.
  • Right behind you 7 of 9
    Right behind you
    Gwen does a little spotting as Zuma makes his way up a narrow climbing ladder.
  • Swing time 8 of 9
    Swing time
    Mom and son both grin broadly as Kingston goes for a swing.
  • Any bump action? 9 of 9
    Any bump action?
    Now that the rumors of a split between Gwen and Gavin Rossdale are dying down, the rumors of a new pregnancy are sure to start heating up again. The flowing sweater Gwen's wearing could certainly be hiding something...


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