A Tearful Alicia Keys Talks of Mee-ma & Her Son During Eulogy for Whitney Houston

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys had a hard time keeping it together before performing at Whitney Houston’s funeral. The singer – who also was brought to fame by Clive Davis – payed tribute to the dearly departed diva with a performance of the song “Angel.” Before she started to play the piano and sing, she whipped away  tears and told a sweet story that involved her son Egypt and her and Whitney’s nickname for each other.

What did she say?She had talked about how she and Whitney somehow started calling each other “Mee-Ma,” a nickname that mysteriously developed. She added that her young son, while they were on the plane coming out to the funeral, started all of a sudden saying “mee-ma.”She said that she “felt surrounded by her.”

She also added, “I was just thinking about the way it’s so obvious that she just crept into everybody’s heart. The way that she just was such a beautiful human being. Really, really caring, beautiful, thoughtful human being. Call you for no reason at all, just to say hi. That’s rare, I think, sometimes. I feel like in so many ways she reached back to so many people … made us feel strong and capable and loved … she’s an angel to us.”

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