A Tearful & Pregnant Snooki Moves Out of the Jersey Shore House! (Photos)


It was a big day for Snooki – it was moving day! The cast and crew of The Jersey Shore moved out of their Seaside Heights summer home and ended their filming.

Snooki – who was all dolled up in a form fitting black maternity dress – showed off her baby bump as she took all her luggage to the car. And get this, no one helped her! She’s pregnant and wearing platforms! You’d think someone would come to her rescue.

Check out these photos of Snooki getting teary eyed, carrying her bags and the whole gang saying goodbye right here:

  • Bag Lady 1 of 8
    Bag Lady
    Snooki the bag lady! Snooki carries two big bags out.
  • The Bump 2 of 8
    The Bump
    Snooki's baby bump is getting big.
  • Tears 3 of 8
    Snookie wipes away the tears.
  • Snooki and JWoww! 4 of 8
    Snooki and JWoww!
    A sad day for the girls!
  • Snooki 5 of 8
    Leopard print is in full affect...of course!
  • Luaggage 6 of 8
    And I can't believe no one is helping her with her luggage!
  • Platforms 7 of 8
    And the platforms! Of course she is wearing platforms...on moving day.
  • The End 8 of 8
    The End
    A big farewell photos of the whole bang.